How we can help you?

Our Arborist is qualified to assist you with a solution to any of your tree needs.Brendon is a highly experienced Level III Arborist, with over 15 years in the industry.

What is an Arborist?

An arborist is a certified professional in the practice of arboriculture (the cultivation, study and management of individual trees, shrubs and vines). Also known as a tree surgeon, they have been trained in the science and practice of tree care.

Reason to use and Arborist:

  • Arborists can assess the condition of the tree with expertise and offer an efficient and cost effective solution to your tree problem that will be safe and, in the long term, save your money.
  • Arborists can offer a holistic treatment that will achieve the best results for the customer, the tree and the environment.

Tree Surgery

Tree surgery is performed by a qualified Arborist who helps to restore the ideal state of the tree. This is done by removing diseased or damaged limbs/branches, and encouraging support to weakened areas.

Some factors that may cause such deterioration of some trees are:

  • storm damage
  • being shadowed by other larger trees, causing them to grow abnormally to try and compete for sufficient light
  • poor root structures/ root bound
  • insufficient water, and lack of nutrients in soil
  • insects
  • poor previous tree pruning
  • tree and root damage caused by machinery