Once the tree removal has taken place, it is often a good idea to deal with the remaining stump.

There are a number of reasons for stump grinding:

  • You may wish to create a more usable space in your yard.  A grassed area for the kids to play? Entertainment area? Replanting?
  • A dead trunk and its old roots are a very tempting place for termites to feast.  This increases the risk on your home and property.
  • Unsightly tree stumps are downright unattractive.  They also make mowing your lawn a frustrating experience.

Stump Grinding

The tree Stump and roots are literally ground away to below the surface with the stump grinder. This is a machine with high-speed rotating steel teeth that chip it away to a pile of mulch. You can fill the hole with the mulch that is left, or you might wish to use it somewhere else in your garden.