Problem trees can block gutters, affect powerlines, block out sunlight, obstruct your view, or be a potential hazard during storm season. It’s important to keep these garden features properly maintained so as to avoid any dangerous consequences that can affect your home or your family.

Your tree specialists, Mr Trees, can help by expertly knowing how to get the best and safest outcome for your garden in Jindalee, Forest Lake, Ipswich and surrounding suburbs. Tree trimming, when done properly, can enhance your landscape and give you peace of mind all year ‘round, ensuring that your residential or commercial garden is as safe as possible.


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Trimming to maintain and preserve your garden

Tree maintenance is very important and we like to keep your tree as healthy as possible. An unbalanced tree can also be potentially dangerous. Our tree trimming services can help balance the canopy to prolong its life. This can include removing any dead, dying or weak branches that may threaten to fall. Our professionals can assess your garden and decide what is needed to ensure that your property isn’t threatened by any potentially dangerous trees or branches.


Our range of services

Along with our trimming solutions, Mr Trees specialises in dangerous tree removal, stump grinding and mulching services. Our team of experienced professionals have a reputation for providing nothing short of the most impressive results each and every time, servicing both residential and commercial properties.

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Get in early and reduce the risks to your home and family, not to mention making your yard more beautiful! We also offer 24/7 emergency storm damage call out in Ipswich, Jindalee, Forest Lake and nearby Brisbane areas.

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